Paint right — and save

When it comes to DIY painting, you can save a whole lot of time, money and frustration if you do things right the first time.

The team at Paint Right Springwood is here to help you with a paint job you can be proud of.

Get the best advice on how to:

  • choose the right paint colours (shades, what goes with what),
  • choose the right paint (and understand why ‘cheap’ paint can cost you plenty),
  • estimate the right quantity (so you don’t run out part way through),
  • choose the right tools (sanders, edgers, brushes, rollers and more),
  • use the tools and products you buy.

Get these things right, and you can save big dollars. Not to mention your sanity.

As in every other area, technology continually changes in the world of paint. Knowing about the latest advances in tools, techniques and even paint itself can make a huge difference. And because we are are in constant discussion with both manufacturers and tradespeople, we can help you make the right choices.

Customers come to us from the all over the Blue Mountains, Penrith, and as far away as Lithgow.

So when you’re planning your next painting project, come to Paint Right Springwood for advice, and for the best products for your job. We know our customers agree — because they keep coming back.

Oh, and for some great tips to get your project started, take a look at the videos put together by our favourite Aussie paint company, Haymes. They’re clear, down to earth, and made by people who know what they’re doing.