Your partner in painting

We can help you from beginning to end of your painting project — and even into the future, by keeping a database of your colours and purchases.

Plan right

Make the right decisions from the get-go. We can help you choose the right colours, the right tools and paint, the right quantities and more. Making the right choices saves you time, frustration and money.

Keep track of your painting history

Ever wondered what colour you used five years ago to paint the laundry? You’ve thrown out your old paint tins. But you want to know what the colour was.

We can provide an ongoing record of your purchases, including any colours you picked. Wondering what blue you used in the study? We can tell you. Even if we put together a custom mix for you. How useful is that?

Choose the right paint colours

Paint swatches

Maybe you’re starting a colour scheme from scratch. Or needing to match your scheme to existing paintwork, furniture or drapery. Whatever your colour needs are, our team can help you make the right choices.

Here are some of our most popular colour services.

  • With a spectrophotometer we can match colours from paint, fabric, magazines — almost anything. This is often a good starting point for your colour scheme.
  • Colour swatches may not be enough to give you a clear idea of what your colours will look like on your walls. To help you, Paint Right Springwood displays large painted colour boards. Come in and ask to see them.
  • As we said above, we can provide an ongoing record of any colours you have bought from us, including custom mixes. (We use names for your colours that zero in on where you used them.)

The right paint, the right tools

We only sell products that we believe in. No junk. No distractions. Just the right tools and paint to get the job done. We recommend Australian products, tried and true in local conditions.

Come and see us to talk about what we can do for you.